Clarke Lane Improvements

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Clarke Lane Improvements
Job Name Clarke Lane Improvements 
Contact Michael Jones   812-464-1847
Status Bidding Closed 
Bid Date 7/17/14 2:00 pm 

University of Southern Indiana –Clark Lane Improvements – Bids will be received in Procurement Services at the University located in the Support Services Building untill 2pm (local Time) on Thursday, July 17.

Copies of Plans and Specifications may be obtained by accessing website using your company’s active account information. Registered bidders may download files at no charge. The University of Southern Indiana will provide ONE SET OF THE PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS PACKAGE AT NO CHARGE TO EACH BIDDER. Additional bid packages may be PURCHASED for $15.00 plus tax for this project on the website and pickup at MACO Reprographics. USI request the return of Plans & Specification within 10 days after bid date